Community Arts and Entertainment Showcase

Festival of Nations is known for showcasing dance, music and performances spanning genres and bridging borders. We invite artists, entertainers and groups to share their cultural expression with us in Tower Grove Park on August 26–27. The Festival of Nations Community Showcase serves as a platform to promote multicultural understanding, to educate, entertain and inspire attendees while fostering appreciation and respect for the richness and diversity of the world's cultures. This provides an opportunity for attendees to experience and engage with different cultures, broadening their horizons and promoting cultural exchange.

Showcases will not only entertain and delight but also offer classes, demonstrations, programming or sessions within the main Festival footprint and/or specific programming areas. These showcases will contribute to the overall atmosphere and enjoyment of the Festival as they relate to the arts, education, environment, health and wellness, multiculturalism and so much more!

By sharing cultural traditions and artistry, our performers, entertainers, activators and cultivators foster inclusivity, celebrate diversity and create a sense of unity among the Festival audience; ultimately creating a positive and lasting impact within the fabric of our communities.

Applications for the community showcase are now closed. You will be contacted shortly about the outcome of your application. The community showcase programming will be announced soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in the community showcase?

Anyone who wishes to perform, entertain or activate & cultivate a dynamic, inclusive and enriching Festival experience for attendees may apply.

Performers may include but are not limited to: singer/songwriters, musicians, bands, dancers, and dance groups.

Entertainers may include but are not limited to: individuals or groups who provide various forms of entertainment and engage the audience through their skills, acts, or presentations.

Activators & Cultivators may include but are not limited to: unique or specialized services or experiences that are designed to enhance the Festival experience by offering interactive, hands-on and personalized encounters/educational opportunities to Festival goers.

Can I apply to be in the Community Showcase if I am not foreign-born?

Yes! You must share your nationality and ethnicity for reporting purposes but there is no restriction. You must identify what nation your performance will represent.

When is the deadline to apply as a performer?

The application deadline is July 15, 2023.

Is there an application fee for performers and entertainers?

Yes. You will immediately pay a $25 fee as part of your application.

Is there a separate application to be featured at World Refugee Day?

No. World Refugee Day is on June 17, 2023 at the City Foundry and Alamo Drafthouse. Applicants may confirm their interest in exhibiting at that event within the Festival of Nations application.

By applying, am I officially in the community showcase?

All applications must be approved by Festival organizers. There are limited spaces in the community showcase and application acceptance or denial will be confirmed after the application deadline.

What length of performances will Festival of Nations accept?

We are interested in performances that range from 15–45 minutes.

How much will I be compensated for my participation?

Applicants can state their standard compensation in the application. Festival organizers will follow up to confirm compensation before the parties engage in a contractual agreement. We are committed to equitable compensation and recognition for all performers and entertainers.

Will I have the opportunity to perform on the Festival’s main stage?

The Community Showcase will take place on the Cultural Crossroads Stage, located within Tower Grove Park’s Music Stand. Those who are interested AND selected for performing in the “Olympic Style” opening number will be on the main stage for that portion of the Festival program.

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